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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Because Marijuana is widely accepted as a recreational drug, it is one of the hardest addictions to overcome. Like alcohol, people associate marijuana use with fun and happy occasions. This reality makes it hard for people to quit. Most marijuana addicts do not know they have an addiction problem until their social and family circles have been destroyed.

A large part of the world’s population uses marijuana very often and do not show symptoms of addiction. However, the sensation of well-being and the relaxation that users feel can be very appealing to people with tendencies to addiction, which increases the risk of becoming addicted to the substance.

Patients with marijuana addiction experience lack of control regarding their behavior and their use of the substance. The first step to recovery is recognizing they have a problem. The second is reaching out for help.

At Elev8 we offer inpatient and outpatient options of treatment and care. This will depend on the severity of the addiction. Each case is different, and thus, we design personalized treatment programs to ensure better results. The strongest part of every marijuana recovery treatment is therapy. Our patients are enrolled in a wide variety of group and individual activities where they will gain back their freedom and sober social interaction.

We believe that family is fundamental to the recovery process and afterward. This is why we teach our patients and their families to deal with the addiction during and after the treatment. We encourage them to recognize the harmful and dangerous behaviors so that they can prevent a relapse.

Quitting marijuana can be uncomfortable and challenging. The withdrawal effects are sometimes compared to those experienced when trying to quit nicotine. Some symptoms of marijuana use disorder include drastic mood changes, craving for the substance, insomnia, and anxiety.

If you or anyone you love experiences any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to contact us. We have highly qualified professionals who will gladly assist you throughout the recovery process. Call us today! Our specialists are looking forward to helping you!

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