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Methamphetamine Treatment

Methamphetamine Treatment

Methamphetamine treatment is only possible if the individual with the addiction is willing to recover. Most people with the methamphetamine use disorder are suggested to undergo medical detox as the first step to their recovery process. This step is necessary to stabilize the organism and lower the levels of the substance on blood. After the detox process, the patient will enroll in a variety of activities and programs to develop their sober social skills – education, fitness therapy, and much more. These treatment programs will ensure a lifetime of recovery. At Elev8’s, we believe that each patient has particular needs. Therefore, we make sure each personalized program fulfills the requirements of our patients and give them better results. Our treatment techniques look to help our patients out of their addiction to find the freedom they need.

Methamphetamine Withdrawal and Medical Detox

The first step when treating methamphetamine use disorder is to eliminate the drug from the body. This stage is called detoxification. During this process, the body reacts and manifests the uncontrollable need for the drug dosage it is used to receive. The symptoms shown by the patient are called withdrawal. Meth withdrawal can be challenging but not as dangerous as other drugs. However, patients must remain under medical observation as certain medications to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms are provided. The first ten days of detox are crucial to prevent relapse. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms when quitting meth may include:

  • Mood change
  • Irritability
  • Cravings
  • Hallucinations
  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Tiredness

Elev8’s offers help before, during, and after addiction recovery

The word recovery encloses much more than just quitting a drug. It is about finding a new lifestyle. Treatment for meth addiction at Elev8’s will include a personalized design of treatment program to take maximum advantage of the patient’s situation and particularities and thus, ensure better and enduring results. Also, patients will experience individual and group therapy to discover the causes of the drug abuse. The identification of such causes will easily lead to the derived conducts that resulted in the addiction. Self-awareness and mindfulness are imperative to achieve a successful and long-lasting recovery. It is important to teach patients how to use this technique in his/her everyday life after the treatment. Additionally, we involve the family in the therapy as they have also suffered the consequences of addiction. During therapy sessions, relatives not only learn about addiction and the strategies to fight it, but they also learn to handle their own emotions.

After finishing the program, former patients have the option to live in a sober living home. This alternative gives individuals the chance to slowly go back to society while setting and achieving new recovery goals each day. Those who enroll for a sober living home program will have the opportunity to stay away from old bad behaviors that could trigger past addiction habits. Furthermore, individuals need a lot of support upon finishing the treatment, which can be easily provided in our gender-specific sober living homes. Those who choose to enroll in our sober living home program are often encouraged to setting new goals while engaging in community activities. These techniques applied together and efficiently, increase the chances of long-lasting recovery and freedom for our patients.

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