We Believe in People Who May Have Lost Belief in Themselves

Substance use disorder can have devastating consequences for an individuals’ overall health. Making the decision of getting treatment is just the first step in a long and complex way that drug abusers must decide to take on their own.

During this harsh path, family support is crucial to advance in the process and truly quit their on-going dependence. But the real cure comes from within patients. Each case has its own individualities and thus, each case should be addressed differently.

That is why at Elev8’s, we have highly qualified professionals who dedicate to designing personalized treatment programs for each patient according to his/her needs. We have created a whole rehabilitation program, which includes wellness practices to stimulate the general health and confidence of patients. We also have a wide variety of support services to help patients throughout their recovery.


Every addiction treatment program should also include a wellness program. It is well known that health and wellness are the best complement to psychological therapies. Wellness programs promote confidence to endure day-to-day activities.

That is why here at Elev8’s, we have prepared a wellness program that includes a great variety of relaxing and encouraging activities that promote the balance between psychological therapy, medical treatment, exercise, and nutrition.



The ethical principles of yoga include:

  • Personal respect and dignity
  • Non-violence
  • Personal restraint
  • Speaking only the truth
  • Avoidance of jealousy and stealing

These concepts are essential for the success of those who seek a drug-free life. As patients move along the stages of their recovery process, they are taught the importance of truth and values again. Our yoga sessions are an excellent way to guide patients through a self-awareness process that helps them achieve equilibrium and inner peace of mind. They also learn how to control their cravings for the substance and their anxiety. Since the yoga experience is personal, each patient gets to face his/her own limitations and learns to deal with them. This wonderful discipline teaches individuals that they achieve goals one step at a time and that each day is a new possibility, just like their life in recovery.



Meditation helps patients to control their thoughts so they can stay focused on the present. This wonderful approach gives patients a safe environment where they can deal with painful thoughts and situations and have their stress under control. Patients who participate in meditation sessions learn to deal with their anxiety and depression. They also increase their self-awareness.



People who suffer from a substance use disorder often need to heal their body but they also need to heal their mind to get back on track. That is why exercise is included in our treatment program. Doctors everywhere recommend exercise, as it provides proven and measurable benefits for everyone.

One of the main benefits offered by this natural healer is the drastic mood improvement. People dealing with addiction can be irritable and are under high levels of stress. Those who exercise frequently have a better mood, as they learn how to deal with stress, life changes, and uncertainty. Exercise can also reduce cravings as it reinforces patients’ self-confidence and awareness.


Nutrition and Mindfulness

One of the main aspects of having a healthy lifestyle is ensuring a good nutrition. Unfortunately, most people with a substance use disorder don’t have healthy eating habits. With that in mind, Elev8’s has included the best nutritionists to teach you how to eat and have all the necessary nutrients to feel well. Your eating habits are a great part of your healing process. They can help you prevent cravings, and raise awareness of what you put in your system.

Support Services

At Elev8’s, we understand how difficult it is to find your place in society after rehab. Not being able to find a job or a house on your own can lead to relapse. To prevent this and help you have a smooth transition, we have disposed these support service areas for you and your loved ones.



Depending on the severity of their addiction before they got here, our patients can have a hard time finding their place in society again. Sometimes they don’t even have a house to go back to or they just don’t feel ready to go back to their regular routine. For those cases, Elev8’s offers its housing support services. We provide patients with a safe, drug-free environment where they can start organizing their lives again. Patients will often go to work or school during the day but they will return to our safety houses at night. This transition period gives them a higher chance to prevent relapse.


Insurance Registration

Often times, patients have a lot in their plate by the moment they decide to enroll in our programs. The last thing they want to hear about is money, let alone paperwork. Everything related to insurance registrations is tedious and confusing and even more so when you face such an uncomfortable situation. At Elv8’s, patients don’t have to worry about their insurance registration as we can do it for them. Our staff is available and ready to fill it for you!


Food Assistance

There are varied reasons why our patients request our food assistance support service. Regardless of your reason, our courteous staff is always ready to provide you with healthy eating options to help you reach your goals. Every ingredient is well-thought and intentionally included in your diet to help you heal better and faster. Having a healthy body will help you have an overall healthy lifestyle.


Job Training

At Elev8’s, we understand that financial independence can have a greatly positive impact in our recovering patients. That is why we provide comprehensive job training support for all our patients. From vocational tests to job placement, our patients have the opportunity to earn their own income and feel useful inside the society.
Whether you want to learn more about our wellness and support options or need to enroll in one of our rehab treatments, we’re here to help! Contact us today and we’ll answer all your questions. Our specialists are looking forward to assisting you.

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